Needle Felted Wool Dolls and Other Sculptural Works of Fiber Art

My soft sculptured character dolls were inspired by real people that I have either known personally or simply noticed from afar. They are not meant to be exact replicas but are instead altered egos of "familiar others".

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Introducing "Miss Lily"

Finally I have finished my first female character and what a challenge she was! Who knew how much harder it would be to create a softer more feminine doll? And still there is much room for improvement, starting with a smaller nose. Sorry about that Miss Lily, but you are still a cutie to me...big nose and all!

Feisty Miss Lily likes fast cars and sunny beaches and is ready for both!

Miss Lily & Ezekiel hit it off immediately!

Party in the Playhouse?

Early yesterday morning I walked out to my "new" studio and made a startling discovery.
Over the past month or so I have been working hard on converting one of our storage buildings into a place where I can work on my felting projects without having art supplies strewn all over the house. Every artist needs a studio, right? But not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a space. I am very lucky. It's only about half finished - floors still bare wood, ceiling not finished, no air conditioning - but I have moved in and sorted all my fiber and other supplies where they are handy and within easy reach of my work station. No more digging through plastic bins trying to find the right fibers. Hurray! Also my dolls are out of their plastic confinement and displayed around me as I work. It is not beautiful or glamorous but it will do very nicely. Anyway, I digress. Back to yesterday morning...
I walked in and there was "Ezekiel" laid out in the middle of the floor, a good 3 feet away from his shelf. Then I discovered "Oliver" passed out, face down, clinging to the edge of his shelf. The "Moonshiner" was a bit red faced and seeing double.* The other characters were just where I had left them. But did I imagine that faint snickering sound all around the room?
I figure there may have been a big celebration  in "Granny's Playhouse Studio" the night before. After all,  it was their first Friday night out of confinement plus I had finally finished my first female character doll (excluding the little worry dolls) and she had joined the crew. "Lily" is a feisty little redhead who loves fast cars and sunny beaches. She likely caused quite a stir after I closed up for the day and left them to their own devices.
What fun they must have had!

*Just kidding about Moonshiner seeing double...playing around with Photoshop on that one. Rest is truth, I swear!

Ezekiel hit the floor...

Oliver hung on by a thread and Henry just grinned...

The Moonshiner saw double while Lily looked a little devilish...
In the end, all were a little embarrassed but doing okay...