Needle Felted Wool Dolls and Other Sculptural Works of Fiber Art

My soft sculptured character dolls were inspired by real people that I have either known personally or simply noticed from afar. They are not meant to be exact replicas but are instead altered egos of "familiar others".

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Then Came Oliver

Who is this familiar other?

'Oliver Ego' is Doll #2 in my Familiar Others series.
Can you guess who he was inspired by?

Here are your clues:
  • The Wizards beat up on the Bulls in a late winter game.
  • Number 44 witnessed the contest, received a souvenir and really, really liked it.
  • Both characters are famous for their wide toothy grin.
  • My Oliver is a look-alike, an alter ego if you will, rather than an exact double of his original inspiration.
  Added April 3, 2010 - Look for answer below.

The fitting...
Oliver Ego came into being at my kitchen table. His self is entirely needle felted from 100 percent wool fiber. I wet felted merino wool into fabric for his clothing; then designed, cut and sewed the pieces together using wool thread.

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